Hello. This is Elias Ponvert’s web site.

Take a look around. Here are some highlights.

Meantime if you’d like to get in touch, reach out at eponvert on whatever social network service you like.

Want a picture? Here’s one

Photo of me and a deer
This is me in Nara, Japan in 2005 with a tiny fat stupid deer.

Looking for a handsome fellow on your data science team?

Well good luck to you. I might even have some friends who might be looking.

But, I’m taken.

People Pattern Corporation logo

I’m director of data science at People Pattern Corporation where we’re doing great stuff with machine learning and natural language processing to nail the market segmentation problem using social media.

I’m having fun, working with the best guys and gals in the industry, and I live and work in Austin which I love. Still, thanks, nice thought.