Hello. This is Elias Ponvert’s web site.

Take a look around. Here are some highlights.

Meantime if you’d like to get in touch, reach out at eponvert on whatever social network service you like.

Want a picture? Here’s one

Photo of me and a deer
This is me in Nara, Japan in 2005 with a tiny fat stupid deer.

Looking for a handsome fellow on your data science team?

Well good luck to you. I might even have some friends who might be looking.

But, I’m taken.

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I’m a data scientist Indeed.com where we help people get jobs every day with technology and science. The data science group here now has a blog of our own if you want to learn more.

I’m having fun, working with the best guys and gals in the industry, and I live and work in Austin which I love. Still, thanks, nice thought.